Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet The Lead Actor in Ronald D. Moore's New "Outlander" Series!! Guess What? He's a Frowner!! He Frowns!!

Yes, my friends!! The lead actor has been cast in Ronald D. Moore's new "Outlander" series!! Is that a frown I see on his face? Based upon all available's not difficult to get cast in a Ronald D. Moore production!! Just show up at the audition....and frown!! Any acting ability is unimportant and secondary in a Ronald D. Moore production!! It should be noted also that Ronald D. Moore's flair for underwhelming wardrobes is on full display here for "Outlander." Ronald D. Moore has even suffered a downgrade in the wardrobe department!! From the business suits in "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) the rags & kilts in "Outlander!!"

Getting back to frowning...where have we seen this before in a Ronald D. Moore production?

Ahhh...yes!! Now I remember!!

Ronald D. Moore better be careful!! His frowning actors are eventually going to be made fun of just like William Shatner has been!!


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