Monday, February 3, 2014

After Almost a Decade, Bryan Singer Still Doesn't "Get" The Primary Reasons Why "Superman Returns" Was Such a "Turd Festival?"

1. "Superman" (Brandon Routh) was supposed to be the star of this movie, yet he hardly had any dialogue throughout the movie. Singer still doesn't "get" this, and apparently still isn't even aware of this almost a decade later. A "Superman" movie starring "Superman", and "Superman" hardly says a word to anyone throughout it. What is the idiocy behind this decision? The late Roger Ebert noted this glaring fault and referred to Singer's "Superman" as "Micro-Syllabic." He apparently had a love affair with "Lois Lane" years earlier yet when "Superman" sees her again...he has absolutely nothing to say to her except "Take a ride with me?" And he proceeds to fly "Lois Lane" over Metropolis in a sequence that does absolutely nothing to advance the plot or restore the relationship between "Supes" and "Lois." I suspect that Brandon Routh's lack of dialogue in "Superman Returns" was by design in order to hide Brandon Routh's lack of "acting range" as an actor, among other issues.

If anything, "Superman Returns" revealed Bryan Singer's true weakness in working with actors. His inability to develop believable former and present romantic relationships between the characters, in addition to many other issues too numerous to list in one post.

2. "Superman's Kid." The late Roger Ebert pointed out astutely another problem with this movie. Why would a kid with super powers be moping around a movie with a frown on his face all of the time acting sad? What would a kid with super powers be so unhappy about? Roger Ebert noted "This kid should be smiling all of the time and getting into all sorts of playful mischief because of his super powers. "

As a director, Bryan Singer doesn't know how to work with kids either. On top of the bad writing of the little boy's character.

3. Audiences don't like to see superheroes and "Superman" get beat up as cruelly as "Superman" got beat up in Singer's movie. Audiences haven't changed since the Richard Donner "Superman" originals (as much as Hollywood would love to beg to differ.) They still want "Superman" to be upbeat, happy, and indestructible. Audiences haven't become "Dark & Gritty", but Hollywood has to no financial rewards.

4. Casting Kevin Spacey as "Lex Luthor" simply because you worked with him in a previous movie wasn't a good enough reason to cast Spacey as "Luthor." Singer should have put more thought and spent more time casting this character. Someone with the genuine range as an actor that Gene Hackman had.

5. Lifting entire scenes and lifting entire segments of dialogue from the Richard Donner movies isn't a loving homage to the Donner films. It's lazy producing, writing, and directing.

6. I don't know why Singer set out to make such a dark, gloomy, depressing, and repulsive "Superman" movie, but that is precisely what he set out to do and he achieved it. He paid dearly for it at the box office, but not in a good way.

7. Bryan Singer's "Superman" was an "Attention Whore" - (Standing there soaking up the applause after he landed the plane in the baseball stadium), a "Peeping Tom" - (Spying on "Lois Lane" and her new boyfriend), and an undiagnosed, clinically depressed superhero - (Was "Superman" ever as unhappy as he was in Singer's movie?) He frowned, and frowned, and frowned. Did Brandon Routh have Edward James Olmos as an acting coach in between filming scenes? Brandon Routh's performance (if you want to call it that) as "Superman" was so instinctively repulsive to mass market audiences on every level, no one was cheering for this guy at the end of the movie (literally.) He was sad, frowned, moped around, and was "micro-syllabic" throughout the movie from the beginning to the end. Bryan Singer's "Superman" didn't deserve applause at the end of the movie because he didn't earn it.

...and Bryan Singer honestly didn't notice any of these problems throughout principal photography, reshoots, and post production? Really?? Did Singer even bother to study good drama (and what it is and isn't) when he apparently went to film school?

One thing is certain, Bryan Singer is unable to direct actors when heartfelt laughter, joy, and breezy good natured feelings of happiness are required. "Superman Returns" proved this.


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