Monday, February 24, 2014

Ronald D. Moore Ventures Further and Further Into The Realm of "Imaginary, Wishful Thinking"...and Makes it His Own Reality

Boy, does this article ever read like (more than ever) that a guy's career is on the ropes and he is grasping for anything to cling to from a thousand different directions to try and save himself.

1. The "Wild, Wild West" remake for CBS-TV he was attached to was never made. It never came to fruition. Yet Moore is speaking as though it did.

2. Moore is acting as though a second season of "Helix" has already been written in ink. With ratings like this??

3. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) "didn't work" as a reboot of "Battlestar Galactica." I mentioned this the other day. If a "Mass Market Commercial Audience" isn't liking what you are doing, you are out of business....period. It doesn't matter if you personally like what you are doing, it doesn't matter if you personally believe what you are doing is "working." That is irrelevant in the economic realities of the television business. All that matters is if a "Mass Market Television Audience" is on your side and thinks what you are doing is "working." Ronald D. Moore had no such audience on his side with "GINO." This seems to be a recurring theme with Ronald D. Moore. He simply doesn't want to have to face the fact that his projects have never integrated well into the "Mass Market Commercial Landscape." He is not a "Mass Market Friendly Guy." To the extent of him not wanting to have to face or deal with the seemingly ongoing adversarial conflicts his television shows have always had in trying to be accepted by "Mass Market Television Audiences."

4. This article is reading like..."Ronald D. Moore never had a legitimate body of work to be proud of, so he making one up as he goes along."

5. "Helix" wasn't even created by Ronald D. Moore, yet the endless and ongoing flow of Internet articles like this one in the link above continue to try and paint the false picture of creation. "Helix" was created by Cameron Porsandeh.

6. There is nothing to be proud of if an Internet article labels you as a "Remake Maestro." Instead, it makes you out to be someone incapable of original thinking and incapable of coming up with your own ideas. And then proceeding in that same article to imply that remake projects you worked on came to fruition ("Wild, Wild West") is just downright insanity. And then proceeding in the same article to imply that you had worked on enough "original idea productions all your own" to have formulated a distinction between working on "remakes" and "original idea productions." I am not aware of any "original ideas" he has ever brought to anyone's table and brought to tangible fruition. Ronald D. Moore has spent his entire career working on projects invented by someone else.

7. I don't know what it is with Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer nowadays. The two of them simply do not tell the truth anymore....about anything.

This seems to be the process involved in drawing up an imaginary career for yourself on the Internet since you failed to do so in the real world. Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer get the round of applause.


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