Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mark Stern Stepped Down as The "Programming Head" of The SyFy Channel? What Will The World of "Below Marginal, Uninteresting Television Programming" Do to Survive Without Him?


Mark Stern was devoted to his job at the SyFy Channel. He was devoted to boredom in television programming, all things not Science Fiction, television programming you wouldn't watch on a late night no matter how drunk you were because it was that bad, and doing a job for a television network (with no identity) a bunch of high school kids in a media class could have done 10 times better with both arms tied behind their backs!!

Mark Stern was many things to the SyFy Channel. A bad television programmer...A bad television programmer...and a bad television programmer. His unique flair for cancelling perfectly good Science Fiction television series still in their prime and replacing them with absolute junk television series having nothing to do with Science Fiction endeared him to every ruthless business executive in the "Universal Black Tower" who always had a personal stake in keeping the former "Sci-Fi Channel" as bland, generic, nameless, and "John Doe-esque" as possible.

Mark Stern didn't just demolish perfectly good Science Fiction television series on the SyFy Channel still in their prime...He also ran over their remains with a "Steamroller" afterwards. His replacement programming was always a curious mix of the god awful, excruciatingly irritating to watch, and always impervious to good taste.

The gang at "Mystery Science Theater 3000" could have done a spin-off series exclusively devoted to ridiculing the works of Mark Stern....and easily could have supported themselves financially (and quite comfortably) while doing so.

A "star" in the universe hasn't burned itself out (in mourning) due to the departure of Mark Stern from the SyFy Channel. Quite the contrary. A new "star" is born with his departure!! Symbolizing at the very least... that a small degree of "healing" will take place at the former Sci-Fi Channel. Healing the small corner of "damage" at the former Sci-Fi Channel Mark Stern was personally responsible for.

It is said that each time a former SyFy Channel executive is given the "boot" from the SyFy Channel, a new angel earns its wings, a deer grows new antlers, and the flying monkeys form a new "Union" against the Wicked Witch with bargaining, salary, and negotiating powers.

The world becomes a little less evil...and more harmonious...each time a SyFy Channel executive is given the "boot."  Let us hope that "Comcast" continues to clean house at the SyFy Channel.

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