Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Can See Why Ronald D. Moore Doesn't Like The "Pilot" Process in The Television Industry. It's a Thoroughly Necessary Screening Process That Weeds Out The Crap Unattractive to Mass Market Audiences

Of course Ronald D. Moore doesn't like the "Pilot Process" in the television industry. Television pilots test the waters with mass market audiences. Television pilots are tested and scored by a small sample of a mass market audience. Television pilots allow network executives to determine whether or not they like a potential idea for a television series. The television "Pilot Process" spared us the garbage that was Ronald D. Moore's "Precinct 17" and "Vituality" because it weeded them out.

You see, although Ronald D. Moore is in the television business, he doesn't want to have to deal with such irritations as the likes and dislikes of "Mass Market Audiences" and ratings because he is unable to create television projects that "Mass Market Audiences" would find attractive. So, he just wants to go straight to series all of the time with that "Rubber Stamp Green Light" the SyFy Channel usually gives him. Translation: Employment. The economic realities of the television business (pilot episodes, mass market audience likes and dislikes, and ratings) BE DAMNED!!

Ronald D. Moore believes "television pilots are a waste of talent and money." Nonsense!! "Television Pilots" are an invaluable tool. They are a good yard stick for measuring and determining whether or not talent and money would be wasted or invested any further on a potential television series idea. Moore then claims that "all of Hollywood wants to do away with the television pilot process." Ludicrous!! Why would Hollywood want to do away with its most invaluable tool in determining what is a sound long term investment and what is not?

What fool would want to do away with the "television pilot" process? Well, if you're Ronald D. Moore and it's routinely easier for a "camel to go through the eye of a needle" than to secure any sort of a television "gig", of course you would want to do away with the "Television Pilot Process!!" You would just want that immediate magical series order with 13 episodes locked in contractually!! Translation: You're getting paid for every episode!! Imagine that!!

Overall Translation: Doing away with the "Television Pilot Process" in Hollywood (essentially gutting the business as everyone knows it) would give Ronald D. Moore a hell of a lot more work than he has right now!! Because everything he would produce or write wouldn't get screened or critically assessed by anyone before going to series. Moore would also love a "ratings proof" series. No matter how low his ratings would get, he would stay on the air!! And he is certainly no stranger to low ratings!!

This is all about Ronald D. Moore and nothing else. Moore trying to make his life as breezy and as easy going as possible in the television industry.


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