Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"X-Men: Days of Future Flops" Indeed!! The "X-Men" Movies Are Suffering From "Indistinguishable Blandness" Between The Characters

I finally pinpointed what the primary problem has been all along with the "X-Men" characters as depicted in the "X-Men" movies:

Lack of a discernible identity and uniqueness among all of the characters...

1. They all are mutants.
2. They all wear black leather with only slight and rare variations on occasion.
3. There is never unique and iconic costumes worn by any of them.
4. With so many on screen, you can't tell them apart. They all blend together in one bland mess.
5. These mutants are either human or furry.

6. You can never tell (and you don't care) who is who, what is what, or what the desired goals are among the endless thronging of mutants in these movies.

You are ultimately left with a great big..."Who Cares?"....when trying to decipher these "X-Men" movies.

At least in the other superhero movies you know who "Superman" is...and "Batman"....and "The Avengers"....etc.


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