Friday, February 21, 2014

The Uppermost Question I Get From Science Fiction Fans All Over The World Is..."How And Where Do I Go to Get Taught to Be a 'Fake Wrestler' On The SyFy Channel?"


Look no further, Science Fiction fans!! You too can be taught the careful choreography involved in being a "Fake Wrestler" on the "SyFy Channel!!"

You too can learn....

1. How to throw a fake punch without it really connecting to your opponent.
2. How slamming your foot on the mat simulates your fake punch connecting with your opponent.
3. How to make your feet absorb the full impact of you landing on the mat on your back.
4. If you are a professional wrestler you are really a professional stunt man.

5. If you are ricocheting off the ropes to gain momentum in order to slam your opponent, your opponent is really working with you to NOT INJURE YOU. Choreography baby!! In dancing and wrestling!!

6. Every wrestling match you have ever seen on the SyFy Channel is carefully discussed, staged, choreographed, and camera blocked (by professional stunt men in front of and behind the camera) before broadcast on the SyFy Channel. This keeps the insurance companies who insure the SyFy Channel peace.

So!! Come on board "one and all" and be a professional wrestler (stunt man) for the SyFy Channel!!


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