Saturday, February 1, 2014

Does Anyone Even Know Who This Guy Is? Why, It's The Creator of "Helix"...Cameron Porsandeh

In the middle of all of the usual insane stealth marketing (translation: purchased and "fake" favorable reviews and outrageous ratings claims) that accompanies any new underwhelming SyFy Channel production, the typical and usual facts associated with these productions usually get buried.

SyFy Channel has repeatedly failed to mention (translation: didn't care) that the actual creator of "Helix" is Cameron Porsandeh. Now, I have no love whatsoever for this show because I believe it is just a blatant rip-off of "John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Movie" from 1982. Still, the creator of "Helix" should still be given credit repeatedly in Internet articles for creating the show simply because it is just the right thing to do, regardless of where the inspiration for "Helix" came from.

The reason why I mention this in addition to giving proper credit where credit is due, is that the SyFy Channel still hasn't learned how to promote its shows. The central theme of their laughable promoting is always "stack lie after lie on top of more lies" in a frenzied and irrational free-for-all, capped on top with not giving credit where credit is due (Cameron Porsandeh) and always giving credit where credit is never deserved (Ronald D. Moore.) On the "Helix" gig, Ronald D. Moore is nothing more than a staff producer and occasional staff writer. Why the SyFy Channel always believes that Moore deserves more credit than he deserves is as much a mystery of the ages as is the SyFy Channel's deeply entrenched and inexplicable belief that "Ronald D. Moore" is always a bankable brand name to ride their shows on. What has Ronald D. Moore ever done to deserve such adulation from the SyFy Channel? Then again, the SyFy Channel has never been known for sound business judgment in anything having to with Science Fiction, such as logically judging Ronald D. Moore's underwhelming work history.


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