Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybe Ronald D. Moore Will Be Able to Attract The Female Demographic With "Outlander" That Bryan Singer Failed to Attract With "Superman Returns"

Bryan Singer just can't figure out why the female audience of "The Devil Wears Prada" never went to see his "Superman Returns!!" Could it be because "Superman Returns" had the following problems?

1. A bad script all around.
2. An unconvincing, former romance between Superman and Lois Lane.
3. No chemistry between any of the actors on screen
4. Excessive violence
5. A micro-syllabic "Superman." The guy hardly speaks!!
6. An undiagnosed, chemically imbalanced...depressed "Superman."
7. A "Peeping Tom"....."Superman."
8. Brandon Routh's thorough lack or personality in the role.
9. An undiagnosed, chemically imbalanced...depressed child of "Superman" and "Lois Lane."
10. An obnoxious and irritating Kevin Spacey in the role of "Lex Luthor."

Can Ronald D. Moore pick up the female audience for "Outlander" that Bryan Singer never got for "Superman Returns?" Moore is not off to a good start. His male lead is wearing a dress and is imitating the "frown" of Edward James Olmos.


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