Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Will Probably Be a Huge Borefest And Not Do Particularly Well at The Box Office

1. The title doesn't exactly grab you for a superhero movie, does it? "X-Men: Days of Future Past." It sounds like a documentary about retired "Coal Miners" (with a "Team" name) reminiscing about their earlier days and hopeful about their future dreams.

2. Let's face it. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is going to come and go from movie theaters in much the same uneventful manner that all of the previous "X-Men" movies have. Not setting the world on fire or the domestic and international box offices.

3. This is the seventh "X-Men" movie counting the two "Wolverine" movies. Is anyone bored out of their minds yet with this movie series? Retire these "decrepit mutants" so they can collect "Social Security."

4. If the "X-Men" movies were going to be trailblazing and exciting depictions of the "X-Men" characters, they would have achieved this long before now. 20th Century Fox should have drastically re-booted the "X-Men" movie series ages ago ala' the "Spiderman" movie series without Bryan Singer in sight.

5. Let's face it. The "X-Men" comic books were never what comic book fans lunged for first at the comic book stands. After "Superman", "Batman", "Justice League", "Captain America", "Spiderman", "The Avengers", "Hulk", "Teen Titans" and "Thor" were all sold out, you might pick up an "X-Men" comic book as a consolation prize. "X-Men" were always sort of a ...."Poor man's cross breed between 'Justice League' and 'The Avengers.'" If you read "Justice League" and "The Avengers", you didn't need to read "X-Men."

6. Taking a superhero movie series that was never re-booted but should have been, and stuffing it to the brim with the same ingredients that should have justified a re-boot (the same actors, the same characters written in the same boring manner, uninspired plots, and an overdose of new characters written in the same problematic manner) may have a challenging box office performance ahead.

7. Does any movie really stand a chance against "Spiderman 2" and "Captain America 2" playing in theaters at the same time? Especially a long running movie series that should have been re-booted at least four sequels ago?


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