Friday, March 14, 2014

Has "Comcast" Been Cleaning The "SyFy Channel House" With a Baseball Bat? It's Sure Starting to Look That Way, Isn't It?

As a viewer, I was with the "Sci-Fi Channel" from the very beginning. I was there when it began in 1993 as an absolutely outstanding cable network for "Science Fiction & Fantasy" television programming. I was there, when Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern came in and turned the network into a steaming pile of monkey crap, avoiding anything having to do with Science Fiction. I was there when the ludicrous name change to "SyFy" kicked in, followed by even worse garbage programming than ever before ("Sharknado".)

And now, we have the SyFy Channel backtracking thoroughly on their underlying programming philosophy they have adhered to ever since Bonnie Hammer & Co. have been there:

"Put garbage on the air instead of quality Science Fiction television programming."

Remember also, these infamous statements about "Science Fiction" made by Bonnie Hammer & Co...

1. "Science Fiction" fans are nothing but nerds living in their parents basements."

2. "Science Fiction" itself isn't enough to support a cable network. We also need "WWF Wrestling" and "Cape Fear" movie reruns.

And my all time favorite quote from Bonnie Hammer and Ronald D. Moore....

3. "You can't surrender the creative process to the Science Fiction fan community. If you do, nothing would get done."

And now the old guard at the "SyFy Channel" (Bonnie Hammer & Co.) find themselves eating all of their words from the past decade....anally....because their new owner ("Comcast") has recently discovered that all of the other cable networks are making money hand over fist with 100% pure and undiluted "Science Fiction" television programming.

Good Lord, if "Comcast" could only have come along pre-2003, we probably would have been spared the nonsense of  Ronald D. Moore's...."Battlestar Galactica" but not really "Battlestar Galactica"....."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) series...and.....the nonsense of "Science Fiction but not really Science Fiction".... of "Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel."

This recent turn of events (an 180 degree about face really) at the "SyFy Channel" brings to fruition a couple of suspicions about the "SyFy Channel" I have had all along....

1. Prior to "Comcast" coming along as the new "Corporate Parent", the "SyFy Channel" was functioning with absolute autonomy without any common sense, corporate oversight from anyone. It was in essence, a private "Frat House" staffed with losers and haters of "Science Fiction" television programming and buddies with Ronald D. maestro of Science Fiction television programming himself by any means.

2. That it made no "dollars & cents" business sense whatsoever for the "SyFy Channel" to have shunned "Science Fiction" television programming to the degree that they did, prior to "Comcast" coming along.

Had "Comcast" not come along, the "SyFy Channel" would be the same old "hopeless shit hole" it always was, being an "ambiguous and ill-defined" cable network without an discernible on-air identity.

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