Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Can Think of Four Ways Right Off The Bat The SyFy Channel Could Expedite its Journey to This Questionable Announced Goal of Theirs

So, the SyFy Channel wants to turn over a new leaf and become better than what they are right now? I can think of four immediate ways right off the bat to expedite this process...

1. Get rid of Bonnie Hammer: Yes, she doesn't directly manage the SyFy Channel directly anymore...but her negative presence is still felt in the management of this channel by others because "SyFy" still sucks. She presently manages all of the cable channels for NBC-Universal and this is still a huge problem for the future of a channel ("SyFy") that was supposed to be a Science Fiction channel all along.

2. Get rid of David Howe: He does directly and presently manage the SyFy Channel and at this point in time I don't see him doing the "About Face" necessary to turn "SyFy" around as is claimed in the link above because he was one of the morons (along with Hammer) who got the SyFy Channel in to its present predicament in the first place..."An ambiguous...your guess is as good as anyone elses....Big question mark as to what the identity of this cable channel really is presently."

3. Lose Ronald D. Moore: After this "Helix" nonsense has been finally buried in the ground, the SyFy Channel should no longer do business with Ronald D. Moore for any reason. "SyFy" should hire quality people instead who know how to produce and write Science Fiction, and attract mass market audiences at the same time. Something Ronald D. Moore has never known how to do, and Moore also has always could care less that he has never known how to do it. Give the guy his walking papers and show him the door...permanently. Nothing personal, it's just business!!

4. Shaking my head in ongoing disbelief at this guy: SyFy Channel should also sever any future dealings with Bryan Singer for any reason. Including Singer making guest appearances on any of the "rotten to the core" SyFy Channel shows.

Singer is currently and apparently trying to rescue his career from a string of box office flops by apparently directing one too many "X-Men" movies. This guy neither has the talent, clout, or work ethic to bring fresh Science Fiction ideas / projects to the SyFy Channel for successful execution.

Lose all four of all of these people at the same time, and the SyFy Channel literally could experience a full blown renaissance of fresh ideas, allowing the SyFy Channel to begin the healing process back to an actual Science Fiction channel.


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