Monday, March 31, 2014

Yes, If I Was One of The "Einstein's" Working in The SyFy Channel's Programming Department, I Would Have Renewed This Show Too (Rolling My Eyes)

As far as the SyFy Channel is concerned...It doesn't matter if a show is badly produced...badly written...has logic holes you can drop Chris Christie through (with a crane)...makes no sense a rip-off of "John Carpenter's Thing movie from 1982"  also a "zombie show" poorly disguised as an "infectious disease" show....and has lower ratings than "SpongeBob" reruns.....

All that matters to the SyFy that Ronald D. Moore is on staff of the show in some capacity (as one of the "Janitors" on set perhaps?) taking credit as the "Creator" of the show....while the real creator (Cameron Porsandeh) of the show is standing in the corner wearing a "Dunce Cap."

If Moore is on staff of any SyFy Channel show, you have an "Automatic Season Renewal" no matter how much the show sucks, and no matter how low the ratings get.

As an entertaining "aside"...Am I not supposed to be noticing the fact that any show Ronald D. Moore is involved in... (regardless of capacity)...The...."Frowning Non-Caucasians".... keep popping up?

How do you survive deadly...."Science Fiction-y" ....threats in a SyFy Channel series?


As we all know....(thanks to the SyFy Channel teaching us)...."Frowning" is a "Psychological Antibody" that always successfully wards off...

1. Deadly Cylon attacks
2. Deadly zombie attacks
3. Attacks from ventilation ducts
4. Extraterrestrial / man made / mad scientist laboratory viruses
5. Ex-wives seeking alimony
6. Any creature that turns the human body in to a gooey....sticky...bloody....and...slimy...mess.

However, "Frowning" has also been proven to repel "Mass Market Television Audiences" via its unattractiveness to "Mass Market Television Audiences."

Lo and Behold....The exact sort of problem the SyFy Channel always suffers from with all of its low rated television shows such as "Helix!!"


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