Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Should Be The "Official Psychiatrist" For The SyFy Channel Because I Did Indeed Successfully Predict That SyFy Probably Would Renew "Helix" For Another Season Despite Low Ratings

What were the telltale warning signs that "Helix" probably would be renewed?

1. Low ratings - If the public doesn't pay any attention to the SyFy Channel's shows (that SyFy Channel management personally likes), the SyFy Channel will indeed renew these shows out of retaliation against the viewing public, and as protection for the fragile egos involved with these shows.

At the other end of the spectrum, if the public does like any shows on the SyFy Channel ("Farscape, "Sargate") and the SyFy Channel management doesn't, the shows will get cancelled despite high ratings.

2. Ronald D. Moore is on staff - The SyFy Channel absolutely worships this guy (Lord knows why.) He delivered to the SyFy Channel four low rated seasons of "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....Season renewals due to internal politics and not renewal worthy ratings...The laughable and low rated "Caprica"...and the instantly forgettable and low rated "Blood & Chrome." Regardless of the lack of successful ratings in anything they do, you couldn't pry the SyFy Channel away from Ronald D. Moore with a crow bar once they get together for anything. It would be my guess that within rank of importance within the Science Fiction genre, Ronald D. Moore ranks somewhere in between Ben Stiller ("The Watch")...and Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts (The "Logan's Run TV Show" - 1977)...So, we're talking Ronald D. Moore ranking around 750th in the list of...."The Most Important People in Science Fiction."

3. SyFy Channel loves productions that rip-off stuff - Let's face it....The "Helix" series is a televised version of "John Carpenter's The Thing" movie from 1982. From the setting  (The Arctic) isolated protagonists being stalked by an other worldly / Science Fiction-y force, to characters dropping like flies one by one, to these characters dying in a bloody, gooey, sticky manner.

When a new show on the SyFy Channel has low ratings throughout its first season and it gets renewed anyway, there are always "internal politics involved." Whether it be the SyFy Channel thumbing its corporate nose at the viewing public that didn't watch the show, or someone being on staff of the show that the SyFy Channel absolutely loves....wink....wink....Ronald D. Moore...or someone within SyFy Channel management just loves the show personally....for his / her own personal viewing pleasure.


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