Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where Will You Always Find Members of The "SyFy Channel Family?" Futily Trying to Save One of Their Low Rated Shows via Stealth Marketing



Good lord, just look at all of these inexplicably favorable comments for a television show not worth anyone's time or attention!! These comments read like SyFy Channel executives.... producers, writers, and cast members of "Helix" are fighting for their very jobs...sinking into likely oblivion each week with every low rated broadcast of "Helix!!"

If the SyFy Channel would just make a good television show for a change, members of the "SyFy Channel Family" wouldn't have to keep poorly disguising themselves as run of the mill members of the viewing public via poorly executed stealth marketing in order to try and save each one of their shows never worth anyone's time or attention.

Of course, as we all know....if the SyFy Channel likes one of its own shows personally while the public doesn't...it means immediate renewal for a second season despite the low ratings. SyFy Channel is the informal "Frat House" of...."If you scratch my back I'll scratch yours."


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