Monday, March 3, 2014

If More People "DVR" Your Television Program Than Actually Watch It During a "First Run Broadcast", Is This Something One Should Be Bragging About?

Let's get down to "Brass Tacks" about "DVR - ing" a television program. What does this really mean?

1. It means that a television program is being "recorded" for possible future viewing, and the television program is not being watched during its first run broadcast. There is no guarantee that the DVR recording will be watched at a future date....Just maybe.

2. It means that people have more important things to do in their lives than watch your television show during its first run broadcast.

3. It means that your television show is not "Appointment Viewing" for viewers and not important enough for viewers to schedule their lives around the first run broadcasts of your television show.

4. I didn't even know there was a mechanism in existence which measured who recorded a television program as opposed to watching it during a first run broadcast...

"Yep, We have 10,000 people recording us tonight instead of actually watching us during out first run broadcast. A good night!! A good night!!"

....and this mechanism is something to be bragged about?? Shouldn't the opposite be true? That one should be embarrassed about their television program being "DVR - ed" and saved for possible future viewing instead of actually being watched during its first run broadcast?

5. If the ratings for your first run broadcasts remain abysmal while shit loads of people are "DVR - ing" the low rated episodes, shouldn't this be a cause for alarm instead of jubilation?

Of course, the SyFy Channel having always been what it has been in broadcasting (not terribly successful), it always has to grasp for (in a thousand different directions) what might be perceived as a remote success.


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