Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Dreaded and Unmistakable Signs That You Have Stumbled Upon Yet Another "SyFy Channel / Ronald D. Moore" Production

1. The television series is struggling to survive the moment the pilot episode is let out of the starting gate and broadcast.

2. The series is never as good as the overhyped advertising (Stealth Marketing) tries to make it out to be.

3. SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore are always so "In Love With Themselves" to the point of always overestimating their own abilities as a television network and producer / writer, it always renders them unable to make rational decisions regarding the production in terms of plot trajectory and character development.

4. The television series always has this...."stale...moldy....and overly familiar" feel to it, as if you have already seen the premise done a thousand times better in all sorts of other movies and television productions (better written) spanning 30 years.

5. The ratings are really low (even by the SyFy Channel's standards) yet the television series still defies the realities of broadcast economics and...."won't go away!!" Translation: The SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore will never admit when they failed.

6. The public has no interest in the television series (even hates it) but the SyFy Channel loves it. Which is usually "Standard Procedure" for the SyFy Channel keeping one of their dreaded productions on the air. The SyFy Channel was never in this game to try and attract viewers or please the public. They were always in this game to please themselves in what has always seemed to be their "Private Frat House Parties" involving their favorite personnel....Ronald D. Moore.... instead of running a television network as a business. The economic realities of low ratings be damned!!

7. SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore always trying to take credit for creating the source material. In the case of "Helix", Cameron Porsandeh created the highly derivative premise...not SyFy / Moore. All of "Helix" of course, swiped from "John Carpenter's 'Thing' Movie" from 1982.


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