Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Will "Comcast" Finally Put an End to The Insanity For Good? Shutting Down The "SyFy Channel Original Movies" Division Once and For All


"Comcast" has been doing the right thing so far with the management shake-ups at the "SyFy Channel." Will their housecleaning at the "SyFy Channel" continue?

I recommend that "Comcast" shut down for good....."The most useless and counterproductive..... Unbelievable waste of money over a long period of time....Offensive haven for the most untalented producers, writers, and directors in the entire history of television broadcasting (spanning 60 years) who all couldn't get jobs anywhere else in the entertainment industry....And outright textbook example(s) of how movies should not be made....Turd hole" of an organization.

Of course, I'm referring to the "SyFy Channel Original Movies" division of.....The "SyFy Channel."

Civilized society has had more than enough of...

1. Sharknado
2. Croc-zilla
3. Piranha-rama
4. Octopuss & Boots
5. Tentacled Typhoon
6. Bloodthirsty Butt-Cheeks
7. Vampire Venetian Blinds
8. Werewolves are Where?
9. Bloodsucking Septuagenarians
10. Zombie Valley Girls

And other ludicrously titled horror movies badly produced, written, directed, and acted.

"Comcast" should just shut down the entire Enchilada....and invest their money in more worthwhile and thoughtful television projects.


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