Wednesday, December 17, 2014

And The Lost Scenes From "Saga of a Star World", The Pilot Episode of The "1978 Battlestar Galactica Series" Just Keep Coming

Shortly after Commander Adama informs Colonel Tigh on the bridge that he intends to resign from the council, there is a scene (some of it salvaged on the "Galactica - Complete Epics Series DVD Set" from 2003, but still not there in its entirety) where Counselor Anton protests Adama's resignation from the council. Anton also simultaneously berates Sire Uri for hoarding food in the midst of starvation. These two simultaneous conversations then merge into the discussion of the fleet stopping on the planet "Carillon" for food and fuel, with Captain Apollo charting on the star map the route that should be taken.  The picture above depicts Counselor Anton approving of the stop on "Carillon." The scene depicted in the picture probably occurs after Apollo leaves with Starbuck and Boomer in tow.

Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh fear the route they are taking may be a trap.

Commander Adama studies the ancient writings of Earth.


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