Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!! The SyFy Channel's Gift to Humanity During Christmas 2014 is Still Having No Clue as To Its Own On-Air Identity After 15 Years!! Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Merry Christmas Everybody....with a CSI marathon all day on Christmas Day!!

The SyFy Channel!! Still taking the Science Fiction out of what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel!!

Thank God DVD technology exists for Science Fiction fans to stock up on their favorite movies and television shows. If it didn't exist, Science Fiction fans would be screwed because of the SyFy Channel!!

My proposal for a new name for this ambiguous identity cable channel....


Yes...Presenting the...."WHAT?"....Network

1. What? What is it? What is the on-air identity of this cable channel?
2. What? What is the dysfunctional management of this cable channel always thinking in everything they do?

3. What? CSI reruns on this cable channel?
4. What? Wrestling on this cable channel?
5. What? Another rotten Ronald D. Moore series just got greenlit on this cable channel?
6. What? What and why are new stinkeroo horror movies from "Asylum Films" always being greenlit for this cable channel?

7. What? There was a cooking show on this cable channel?
8. What? "Sharknado" is considered an annual event by this cable channel despite its annual low ratings?

9. What? "Helix" and "Z Nation" got renewed for second seasons despite low ratings?
10. What? Wil Wheaton and Ozzie Osbourne's son both had shows on this network? Who, what, when, where?...and perhaps most importantly.....why?

So...from the bottom of my heart with my deepest gratitude this yuletide season, I personally accept the SyFy Channel's gift to me....its ongoing identity crisis!!


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