Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Have a Hunch That If The "Lost Footage" From "Saga of a Star World" Were Ever Recovered, This Scene With "Baltar" Would Be The Most Valued By Fans

OK...The Cylon attack on the...."12 Colonies"....has just concluded. For whatever reasons, Baltar (John Colicos) decides to immediately survey the ruins of "Caprica" in the aftermath of the attack for what reason? And what homestead is he surveying? The Adama family's homestead? Was he hoping to find the remains of Commander Adama's wife there? If Adama's wife (Illia) posed some political threat to Baltar moreso than Adama himself?

Baltar already knew that Adama himself, Adama's two sons (Apollo, Zac) and Adama's daughter (Athena) were aboard the Galactica at the time of the that would only leave Adama's wife (Illia) for Baltar to check in on....hoping to find her remains.

Additionally, it can only be concluded that this scene does indeed take place on...."Caprica"....since the color of the sky behind him indicates dawn, moments before Baltar was receiving the briefing from the Cylon Centurions that..."Prisoners had been taken near the Spacedrome"....when the sky was the exact same color.


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