Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's Becoming Increasingly Apparent That Actress Maren Jensen Had Far More Deleted Scenes In "Saga of a Star World" Than Anyone Initially Realized

Making an educated guess...the bulk of Maren Jensen's deleted scenes in..."Saga of a Star World"...(the pilot episode of the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica" series) no doubt occurred on the bridge and involved her trying to deal with the death of Zac and the destruction of the colonies. Making another educated guess...all of these deleted scenes involving Athena never seen before were one of the many primary subplots in..."Saga of a Star World"....played out in bits and pieces as the episode progressed.

So, this blog is proud to announce that it is the first source of information anywhere to speculate that all of Athena's deleted / lost scenes in..."Saga of a Star World"....(aside from existing initially in 1978 in the first place) primarily dealt with her trying to cope with the death of Zac and the holocaust, and is one of the many primary subplots in...."Saga of a Star World" that ended up on the cutting room floor....

1. Athena trying to cope with Zac's death and the holocaust.
2. Sure Uri hoarding food.
3. Adama struggling with the responsibilities of command and his resignation from the Council.
4. Serina's illness

Collectively, that would definitely add up to another 30 minutes of lost footage never accounted for by Universal Studios.


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