Friday, December 12, 2014

Well, Can "Battlestar Galactica" Fans At Least Look Forward to Blu-Ray Packaging That Doesn't Look Like Crap As With The Box Below?

Since everything else about this Blu-Ray release will be a lost cause as well.

1. The image on the right is representative of the cropped picture in widescreen as it will appear on this upcoming Blu-Ray release. Yes Virginia, there is a dramatic loss of picture information. (Note the lower left.) Enough to warrant concern. Universal Studios has yet to demonstrate any technical finesse whatsoever in handling the...."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....on its DVD and Blu-Ray releases as well as mastering the Widescreen format in general.

2. A decade later and Universal Studios hasn't produced any new extras for this upcoming Blu-Ray release. The extras will all be recycled from the...."Battlestar Galactica - Complete Epic Series" ....DVD release from October 2003. What a prized turkey that release was, right? Cracked discs and freezing discs being the highlights.

3. There is a big difference between..."in between shots (behind the scenes production photographs)" and.... "obvious freeze frame stills of extended footage".... one has never seen before. The three above photos are of the latter...obviously...

a. Baltar (John Colicos) was obviously in a never before seen scene of him involved in an extra activity on "Caprica"...surveying the ruins of someone's home after the Cylon attack. My guess...the home of the Adama family.

b. Yes, there is more to the scene of Apollo, Serina, and Jolly after they were abducted by the Ovions while looking for Boxey. Yes, they are disembarking from the tram they were riding in.

c. And slowly being led across the bridge to Queen Lotay's (Queen Ovion's) chambers where they will eventually be reunited with Boxey.

There is nothing...."dodgy"....or.... "shady"....about the bubble gum / trading card business. If Universal Studios accidentally and / or unknowingly released...."extended footage images""Topps Bubblegum Cards"....36 years ago....of...."Saga of a Star World"...the pilot episode of..."The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....and..."Topps Bubblegum Cards"....printed them for mass market consumption...they did nothing...."dodgy or shady"....They merely did what they contractually co-signed to do (with Universal Studios) most likely not having full knowledge (and possible future artistic ramifications) of the images they agreed to release.

And these bubblegum card images prove that this lost footage does indeed exist.


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