Monday, December 15, 2014

Word To The Wise: Never Trust a "SyFy Channel Executive" With a Naked Monkey Statue In His Office Holding a Lamp Shade In Its Mouth

And never trust anything "SyFy Channel Executives" have to say...period!!

Oh look!! One of those "SyFy Channel Executives" have popped up once again promising much better horizons for the SyFy Channel which will ultimately yield nothing. This crappy channel remains the same no matter how many promises are made from its staff promising greener pastures. The SyFy Channel has logged a good decade of these"Fake Press Releases" promising this and that from its completely useless and thoroughly disposable programming department. Yet the..."Status Quo B.S." this thoroughly useless cable network always stays the same. "Sharknado" always remains on the air, as does does its thoroughly useless television series ("Helix", "Z Nation") that never should have made it past the...."Audience Test Phase"....if only the...."Laws of Justice within The Universe"....were functioning normally at the SyFy Channel.

What I find truly fascinating (and what should be the punch line (s) of this article) is that after being with the SyFy Channel for 12 years....David Howe still hasn't learned.....

1. How to entertain mass market audiences.
2. How to entertain a Science Fiction audience.
3. That he is still unable to define what Science Fiction is.
4. That he has never been offered another job in television domestically and internationally.
5. That programming like...."Sharknado" indeed crap and is not virtuous in any way.
6. That crap like...."Sharknado" "Annual Event."
7. That it is always an embarrassment to refer to Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) series in any context.

8. That no one believes him at this late date each time he claims...."Big changes are in store for the SyFy Channel"...since these...."Big Changes"....still haven't occurred in light of the dozen or so previous..."Fake Press Releases" (just like this current one) from the SyFy Channel....going back a decade claiming the exact same thing.

Go back to England, David Howe, and give my regards to the Queen. The BBC might have better use for you.

This guy doesn't even have a..."Wikipedia"....entry. How positively Bourgeoisie.


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