Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CSI On SyFy...Say That Lots of Times In Public and You Would Be Considered Drunk


The SyFy Channel has been a nutty cable network ever since the "Universal Studios Black Tower" bought it and started mismanaging it 15 years ago. Never locking in what its on-air identity is supposed to be (even after 15 years)....i.e...."Animal Planet"...."ESPN"...."Comedy Central"....etc. The SyFy Channel (and when it was still called "Sci-Fi" under Universal Studios) instead,has been nothing but a smorgasbord of clashing programming formats with the format of actual Science Fiction always pushed off to both sides of visual distance periphery while every other programming format plus the kitchen sink always taking center stage instead...i.e....."Wrestling"...."Cooking Shows"...."Z-Grade Horror Movies"...etc.

The recent splurge of CSI reruns on the SyFy Channel reaffirms the failures of this network on multiple levels:

1. The SyFy Channel's failure to be a Science Ficton channel.

2. The SyFy Channel's failure to lock in a specific and discernible on-air identity.

3. The SyFy Channel's failure to understand and turn "Battlestar Galactica" into a "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" sized media empire with its accomplice...the walking wrecking ball to all things Science Fiction and especially "Battlestar Galactica"....known as Ronald D. Moore.

4. The unlikelihood of the SyFy Channel ever course correcting and actually locking in a singular and discernible on-air identity for itself.

I have come to realize that the SyFy Channel hasn't just been a failure at being a Science Fiction channel and a Science Fiction programmer. It also sucks at being a television programmer for everything else they try to tackle as well...i.e..."Wrestling"....Cooking Shows"...."Horror Movies"...."Ghost Shows"..."The Wil Wheaton Fiasco"...."Reality Shows." You name it. The SyFy Channel has tried it and has sucked at all of it....big time!!

It's as though the schedule programmers for the SyFy Channel are the worst in the business at what they try to do.


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