Friday, December 5, 2014

More "Deleted / Lost Scenes" From "Saga of a Star World"

"They're Bombing The City!!" - And we the general public have never seen this scene because it has never been accounted for within the...."feces covered bowels"....of Universal Studios!!

"Panic In Caprica Mall!!" - Another violent scene of the Cylon attack never seen. Note the blue colored tent to the right.

"Caught In The Middle of a Star Battle" - More lost Cylon attack footage shot by Richard A. Colla and never accounted for (never recovered) by Universal Studios.

"The Escape Plan?" - More footage of Adama and Serina on Caprica prior to the evacuation?

"The Commander and His Daughter, Athena" - OK, this deleted scene is in the DVD set, but the scene doesn't show Adama pointing at something.

"At The Gambling Casino" - In this lost scene, it looks like Boomer and Starbuck had a longer conversation just prior to them watching the...."Tuncana Singers"....with two mouths.

"Centurions On The March " - It also looks like those Centurions are trying to force the door open and interrupt Sire Uri's speech towards the end just as Apollo orders everyone to move..."quickly and orderly towards the exits, that is an order!!"

"Colonial Star Pilots - More footage of Starbuck as he clears the "Cylon Minefield?"

"Troubled Elder Looks Worried?" - So should we, the viewers...since there is a whole bunch of "lost footage" of the..."Council of 12"...cut from...."Saga of a Star World"....

"Galacticans Discuss Their Dilemma" - Will we the viewers ever hear the discussion in this lost scene as well?

"Carillon - a Nice Place To Visit" - Even more lost footage of Boomer and Starbuck chatting during the musical number of the singers with two mouths.

"A Narrow Escape" - The escape from Carillon as Richard A. Colla originally shot it, with the Warriors in their "Battle Uniforms." Before it was reshot by Alan J. Levi with the Warriors in their "Dress Uniforms."


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