Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Is The SyFy Channel Always Going In The Opposite Direction Of What Its Management Is Claiming?



1. The SyFy Channel has never carved out an identity for itself in the entire 15 or so years it has been owned by the cretins at Universal Studios and when it was in its last days of being called...."Sci-Fi"....under Universal Studios umbrella.

2. It has never become a...."Space Based"....cable network under Universal Studios umbrella.

3. It always remains a...."Status Quo"....ambiguous in identity cable network no matter how often its management claims otherwise. On this very day (today)...SyFy Channel has been showing a "C.S.I." marathon non-stop. Are "C.S.I." reruns the weird first step in the SyFy Channel transforming itself into a ...."Space Based"....cable network? I didn't think so.

4. The SyFy Channel will always remain on the...."Status Quo Trajectory"....it is on because it is easy and lazy for its management to run the channel in this manner with an ambiguous on-air identity. And the SyFy Channel has no intention of investing the additional dollars necessary to attract genuine Science Fiction talent to its network in order to transform itself into the "something better" its management keeps claiming will happen in fake press release after fake press release.

5. In the article above, it clearly states that the SyFy Channel still has this stereotypical aversion to all things Science Fiction as all non-fans of the Science Fiction genre do. As I have stated many times previously, if this is corporate parent Universal Studios unshakable position on all things Science Fiction, then why did it buy a Science Fiction channel in the first place? Universal Studios had no business buying what it had a clear aversion towards from day one. What foolhardy corporation would have done this and why? Why purchase what would clearly cause you ongoing discomfort at the corporate level? For you the corporate parent to repeatedly say...."Yes, we bought a Science Fiction channel but we will never acknowledge that it is a Science Fiction channel." This has been Universal Studios position from day one. Absolute dysfunctional, corporate insanity. With the end result being....Universal Studios absolutely wrecked this channel and immediately began turning it into a train wreck the moment they bought it.

So, because of this ludicrous purchase of the former Sci-Fi Channel by Universal Studios 15 years ago, Universal Studios has had a series of television programmers in place, (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern) who all never did the quality job in programming they should have been doing all along on behalf of a Science Fiction channel, and instead have been doing (all of this time) a half assed, unacceptable job in television programming pulling this former once great network in a thousand different crappy directions at the same time (Wrestling, a Cooking Show, crappy horror movies, "Sharknado", Ronald D. Moore's ongoing crap, and truly wretched reality shows.)


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