Saturday, December 6, 2014

What We See Here At This Late Date, Is Universal Studios Continued Astonishing Mismanagement of "Battlestar Galactica 1978"

It just occurred to me that Universal Studios endless mismanagement of...."Battlestar Galactica 1978"....on purpose has been emanating from them having no clue what..."Battlestar Galactica 1978" is and how to manage it in an appropriate manner.

If since 2001 (20+ years)....the endless fake..."Battlestar Movie Annoucements"....from Universal Studios (usually with lost cause Bryan singer involved) has still not resulted in a Battlestar movie awakening appropriately the concepts and elements of what "Battlestar Galactica" truly and only is....the 1978 series...and still at this late date...has only yielded Universal Studios still talking about a Battlestar movie fluctuating between remake and the 1978 serues...then the way is clear as to what Universal Studios should have done from day one....SELL THIS PROPERTY TO ANOTHER STUDIO. If you don't know and don't understand and don't know to manage properly what you own...then get the hell rid of it. I for one am fed up with Universal Studios (after 20 plus years) still only "talking about" making this movie.

This is not rocket science.... "Battlestar Galactica - 1978" not difficult to understand / comprehend in order to bring it back in a new movie. All you have to do is understand / comprehend it!! Universal Studios clearly has not,, does not, and never will. Especially when this idiotic studio is still talking about making a new movie ambiguously / literally based on it 20 years later.

Universal Studios has so not understood what..."Battlestar Galactica" 1978 series)....for the past 36 years that it is still too naieve to realize that all Ronald D. Moore gave them a decade ago was a psychotic and alternate version of..."Star Trek"....."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...and a crappy / boring one at that.


Universal Studios so little understands what...."Battlestar Galactica""The 1978 Series....that it has never been able to make  noteworthy boatloads of cash from it (for 36 years!!) as opposed to another studio that could have as long as another studio understood what the series is.

Debunking Universal Studios...."Status Quo Corporate Positions"....on...."Battlestar Galactica 1978" - (what the concept really is)....the series was never a flop....the concept was never a flop...and it is fully capable (and always has been fully capable of making)...."Star Wars"....and...."Star Trek"....sized franchise long as Universal Studios is not the owner. "Battlestar Galactica - 1978"....only problems have been not only having the wrong owner all of this time (Universal Studios)....but also the worst owner...."Battlestar Galactica - 1978" could possibly have (Universal Studios)

If a studio is still talking about making a "Battlestar" movie 20 years later with zero production progress, then that studio (Universal Studios) needs to just throw in the towel and take a permanent hike away from...."Battlestar Galactica 1978"....forever. (Like Universal Studios should have done ages ago.) As in...."Battlestar 1978" needs new owners (a new studio owner) so that it can become the never ending....profit drenched....franchise it is fully capable of becoming on the same pedastals as...."Star Wars"....and...."Star Trek".....

But this nonsense alluded to in the article linked above....that people within Universal Studios who aren't Science Fiction fans....who never were...."Battlestar Galactica 1978" who never understood the series....are still kicking around ideas for a movie and are still trying to knock out a script....20+ years later....for a "Battlestar" too disgusting to even contemplate.

Universal Studios can't even knock out a...."Director's Cut".....of...."Saga of a Star World"....The pilot episode  of the....."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....after all of this time (36 years.) In other words, Universal Studios.... CAN'T EVEN FINISH....a...."Battlestar Galactica Movie".....THAT WAS ALREADY MADE!! - (3/4 of the way!!) CAN'T EVEN complete the "film editing post-production process" for the remaining (1/4 of the way) for..."Saga of a Star World".... after 36 years... Universal Studios.... CAN'T EVEN LOCATE AND ROUND UP....the 30 minutes of still missing footage from...."Saga of a Star World" order to rehire Richard A. Colla to RECUT IT!!

And yet Universal Studios has had the..... UNMITIGATED let it be known to the masses that they want to make a new...."Battlestar Galactica" Yes, they still haven't succeeded after 20 years of....HALF ASSEDLY.... pursuing that endeavor. Off again and off again. Notice how I never said...."On?"...

You're catching on fast!!


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