Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...When Bonnie Hammer Tries to Explain What She Does For a Living

Ummm...Bonnie? Is this why the USA Network and the SyFy Channel suck so much?

Bonnie Hammer talking about values? This coming from the same woman who implemented a guerrilla style stealth marketing campaign on Internet bulletin boards a decade ago (verbally attack the general public on those bulletin boards if they dared to express their honest, negative opinions of the crap Ronald D. Moore put on the air?)

Many negative things have been said about the garbage Bonnie Hammer puts on the air...on both the USA Network and the SyFy Channel. All of it true. It can also be said in all sincerity and honesty that at no time...have television viewers ever wanted to bond with a SyFy Channel television program or a USA Network television program.

.....It's too..."icky" even think about.

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