Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Question Always Is..."What Are Those Crazy Ass Executives Doing To The Former Sci-Fi Channel Now?"

It's always a rare treat when an article comes along that pretty much covers everything that is wrong with the SyFy Channel. An article so thorough that you can always use it as a singular reference point for studying what the SyFy Channel's problems are.

Take for example...the SyFy Channel's very own Mark Stern. The idiot we can thank for all of the original programming on the SyFy Channel including all of the God awful Saturday night monster movies, and other anti-cerebral trash such as "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen." The following is a quote from Mark Stern himself. After uttering such self-contradictory nonsense such as this, I have to ask why this man hasn't been demoted yet and given a scrub brush for scrubbing out urinals.
"I think our big frustration with a show like Battlestar Galactica has been, it’s a great show. Because it’s on the science fiction channel it’s kept people away, that we felt like would come in and love that show. So it’s made us a little more hesitant about going too hard scifi. Because hard scifi on the scifi channel is almost like this double whammy. Now that we have a brand that is a little broader and we’re embracing a lot of things we’re already doing. I think it also gives us a lot of freedom to do more hard scifi."
Let's walk our way through these ludicrous remarks of Mark Stern's, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why this man has no clue which way is up in the job he has been supposed to be doing.

1. Mark Stern (not in so many words) is blaming the commercial failure of Ronald D. Moore's sham take on "Battlestar Galactica" not on the facts that it was poorly produced, poorly written, and poorly cast...but rather because it was airing on a piss-pot little cable network supposedly geared towards Science Fiction and couldn't attract an audience because of that. Talk about passing the buck and kicking the can down the road!!

Mark Stern's next "words of wisdom" are a real doozy!!

2. The commercial failure of Ronald D. Moore's "Battlestar Galactica" made Mark Stern more hesitant to do "hard science fiction"....But!! that the SyFy Channel is (in Mark Stern's delusional eyes) doing well as a "broader brand named" entity....(Are you still with me?)....Mark Stern now feels free to do more "hard science fiction" on the SyFy Channel. "Hard science fiction" we all know Mark Stern and his idiot colleagues at the SyFy Channel will never do because the lot of them all hate...."hard science fiction"....and science fiction in general!!

Let's journey ever deeper into the corporate insanity of the SyFy Channel...

"The parentage of the channel in the early 1990s include both horror and science fiction. Initially, Paramount and Universal used Sci-Fi as a conduit for classic series, like Night Gallery and Star Trek. These genres remain the roots of Syfy programming despite a decade of corporate baton passing that handed the channel to NBC Universal in 2004. Executives have resisted this tradition almost from the beginning, and that is why professional wrestling and reality programming are fixtures in the regular schedule."

If NBC-Universal and its psychotic, corporate executives hate science fiction television programming so much, why did they purchase the God damn channel in the first place??

More corporate insanity...

"Cancelations are as much a part of the the SyFy identity as alien abductions and cylons. Since the Sci-Fi Channel rebranded two years ago, suits have kicked a number of quality science fiction shows to the curb. Fans of Caprica and Stargate Universe lamented the lack of support as Syfy strengthened their commitment to the WWE. Prior to that, the network shocked many fans and critics in 2002 by dumping Farscape, a move that some say will be forever associated with NBC’s premature plug-pulling of the original Star Trek series four decades earlier. Similarly, The Dresden Files, with a literary following and an appealing performance by lead Paul Blackthorne, bit the dust in 2007 after one season. The network eventually cited poor ratings despite evidence to the contrary. Losing Eureka just adds to this legacy."

The question remains....What exactly is the SyFy Channel in terms of an on-air identity since its psychotic corporate executives hate science fiction television programming and hate working for a science fiction channel?

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE SYFY CHANNEL in terms of its on-air identity?

The rest of the SyFy Channel's juvenile shenanigans described in the article aren't worth commenting on because we've heard it all before...and seen it all before on the lunatic SyFy Channel.

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