Friday, August 19, 2011

Was The SyFy Channel Ever Thanked For Bringing Jaleel White ("Urkel") Out of Retirement For "Mega Shark versus Crocosaurus?"

The SyFy Channel has a real treat in store for their miniscule viewership tonight, August 20th. They will be rerunning their phenomenally trashy monster movie from last year...."Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus." This of course, is one of the many SyFy Channel monster movies placed on the fast track to bargain basement DVD release on

One of the interesting things about these SyFy Channel monster movies has been their sort of "Easter Egg Goodies" hidden within each awful monster film in the form of gimmick casting of former television / movie stars who weren't necessarily embraced with love from the general public in the first place. In "Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus" for example, we have former television star Jaleel White who played "Urkel" in the sitcom "Family Matters" a starring role. The proud legacy of the "Urkel" character of claimed by ABC-TV at the time of "Family Matters" original that "Urkel" achieved cult status far beyond that of "Fonzie" in "Happy Days."

In other SyFy Channel original movies...we have been treated to the likes of Lou Diamond Phillips ("Wolf Lake")....Eric Roberts ("The Coca Cola Kid").....and even B-movie king Roger Corman...all willingly making appearances in these god awful SyFy Channel monster movies....because no one else will.

I guess you could say that these SyFy Channel monster movies have sort of become the "Love Boat" of the 21st Century....where you have....has beens and never weres....all making starring and cameo roles in these weekly schlock fests. But...instead of Capt. Stubing....Julie....Gopher...and Doc...all along for the ride...we have monsters with razor sharp fangs instead.

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