Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is "Blood & Chrome" Going To Be Another Ego Project Of The SyFy Channel Complete With Fake Awards And False Ratings Claims?


Are those ruthlessly fragile egos at the SyFy Channel and in the Ronald D. Moore camp (ever present when "GINO" and "Caprica" were on the air)....going to make a notorious return for "Blood & Chrome?"

SyFy Channel knows the drill by now (because they created the bloody...ugly...stealth marketing animal themselves)

1. Put a Ronald D. Moore related television series on the air of any sort that inevitably suffers from low ratings.

2. Deny the reality that the television series is suffering from low ratings and begin implementing ruthless means to try and salvage the television series.

3. Claim that the ratings for each episode are infinitely higher than they are in those patented, deliberately misleading press releases of the SyFy Channel.

4. If that doesn't artificially raise the ratings, begin fanning out fake awards to the television series (given by Harlan Ellison) to try and artificially boost the ratings.

5. Begin attacking the general public on Internet bulletin boards such as the SyFy Channel forums if they dare to express their honest, negative opinions of the television series.

6. If that doesn't artificially raise the ratings, claim that the United Nations regards the television series as a necessary antidote to the woes of the human condition.

7. If that doesn't artificially raise the ratings, bribe television critics across the country to write misleading, favorable reviews of the television series in question.

8. If that doesn't artificially raise the ratings, still refuse to cancel the television series in question because all of the fragile egos depending upon the success of the television series couldn't take the ego deflations caused by the television series cancellation.

This was the SyFy Channel's pattern of behavior with Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" series, and Ronald D. Moore's "Caprica" series. There is no reason to believe that their pattern of behavior will be any different with "Blood & Chrome."

No one is looking forward to the SyFy Channel's third round at bat....except the SyFy Channel.

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