Monday, August 15, 2011

When The SyFy Channel Bothers to Put a Science Fiction Television Series On The Air At All, It's Always For All The Wrong Reasons

Though the SyFy Channel would never admit it (have they ever admitted to any wrongdoing?), they have always used the very beast known as the "Science Fiction Television Program" as a political weapon - ("Let's put Ronald D. Moore's sham interpretation of 'Battlestar Galactica' on the air to piss off the fanbase of the '1978 Battlestar Galactica' series...low ratings for four straight seasons be damned!!") a political instrument - ("Let's give our best buddy Ronald D. Moore some additional employment by renewing his low rated, sham take on 'Battlestar Galactica' for another...low rated season!!")...and as a political crutch - ("Let's announce yet another 'Battlestar' spin-off called 'Blood & Chrome' as a non-verbal statement of denial that 'GINO' and 'Caprica' were ratings flops in reality.")

At no time in the history of broadcasting has a corporation (NBC-Universal) and one of its subsidiaries (SyFy Channel) used "Science Fiction Television Programming" as an instrument of self indulgent political, corporate gain as this corporation and subsidiary has. To such an extent...that it doesn't matter to this corporation and its subsidiary that any Science Fiction television series utilized for this purpose doesn't make any money for them at all. In it's irrational, corporate hatred of the "Science Fiction Television Series", the SyFy Channel has demoted "Science Fiction Television Series" to instruments of its personal and corporate political gain. It certainly has been an odd position for any corporation and its broadcast subsidiary to take. If they hate Science Fiction so much, why don't they sell the SyFy Channel to someone(s) who love the genre? It's not as if the SyFy Channel has ever been a vital, money making artery for NBC-Universal in obscene amounts of money. It's a "piss-pot" little cable network, at the most dumping pocket change into NBC-Universal. If NBC-Universal sold the insignificant cable network right now, they wouldn't even miss it.

The SyFy Channel isn't run like a normal cable network should be run. Instead, it's day to day corporate existence is devoted to worrying about what certain demographic groups think of them, a predicament they ironically brought on themselves by weird programming decisions and failing to define what the SyFy Channel is supposed to be. The SyFy Channel's corporate mission statement seems to be..."Yes, we have no idea how to properly manage the SyFy Channel...but everybody please love us anyway." Additionally, what is the real existence of the SyFy Channel? What is its real purpose? To hate all Science Fiction television programming and in hate the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series...all for personal and political corporate gain. The typical symptom of this odd use of the SyFy Channel by NBC-Universal has been...the SyFy Channel not being entertaining at all.

SyFy Channel has another curious and eccentric corporate habit as well. They worry about what people think of them. They worry about for example...what teenage boys with Ipods think about their name change to "SyFy Channel." They worry about for example....not being thought of as cutting edge and groovy with the name "SyFy Channel." What the SyFy Channel should be worrying about why it has always insisted on running itself as this "Neurotic, Ambiguous Cable Channel" worrying about stupid ass things that never improve their situation financially as a broadcaster. Instead of worrying about what teenage boys think of them, maybe the SyFy Channel should get down to the tasks at hand of beginning to run itself as a legitimate cable network. Even at this late one still knows what the hell the SyFy Channel is. Everyone is still making ball park guesses as to what the SyFy Channel is supposed to be. What everyone does agree upon that the SyFy Channel is this strange,  ambiguous cable network that hates "Science Fiction television programming" with a passion...with a weird fixation on the opinions of teenage boys with Ipods.

Can it be that the problems the SyFy Channel has stems from tremendous emotional insecurities on the parts of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern?

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