Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Do The Cast Members of Every Single Bonnie Hammer Show Look And Act Like Overgrown Frathouse Roomies Who Never Graduated From College?

The criteria for being cast in a SyFy Channel being in your mid, late 30s but looking like you just stormed off of your college campus in your sophomore year...because you just couldn't take the daily headaches anymore of...self discipline....and rules. What is it with Bonnie Hammer and these television shows of hers? Do her cast members always have to look and act like "Doogie Howser wannabes" with hyperactive thyroids?

Take her television show "Fact or Faked?" What is the setting for this unintentionally hilarious sitcom poorly disguised as a legitimate paranornal debunking program? A set that looks remarkably like an idealized college dorm room. The cast members sit around in this dorm room giving off the obvious vibes that they would much prefer to be talking about the good old days of college...before they dropped out....rather than discussing the paranormal cases they may or may not investigate displayed on their widescreen television.

For me, what ended any legitimacy these supposed professional paranormal debunkers may have had, was when they passed on doing an investigation into what looked like a pyramid shaped spacecraft hovering above the Kremlin in Moscow (with spotlights illuminating its underside), in favor of investigating some missing link in the woods. These aren't professionals....these are still college kids... mentally... who would much prefer to be sucking down some beers. If you were truly a paranormal / UFO debunker, wouldn't you get your ass over to Moscow as quickly as possible to investigate the more interesting of the two stories? And yes, the ultimate blame for passing on the Moscow story must be placed on the shoulders of the producers of  "Fact or Faked?"

In other odd instances, the cast members of "Fact or Faked" inexplicably get fired up (excited) over Youtube videos supposedly showing legitimate ghost footage...when the footage is obviously home made nonsense from children with camcorders. And these cast mambers actually waste two minutes of their lives debating whether or not they should investigate the footage. They get excited over these Youtube videos as any burnout college drop outs would. Other footage they display on their widescreen television (usually supposed UFO footage) is obviously CGI enhanced in some way...with them filling the air with endless...."Oooohhs!!"...and "Aaaahhhs!!" as the footage runs. These are adolescents in every sense of the word....Regardless of whether or not they are really scripted that way....or if that's how they really are.

I have never watched "Haven"....I have no intention of watching "Haven." Judging from the cast photo, the lot of them could do substitute hosting chores on "Fact or Faked?" because they are as interchangeable and faceless as the "Fact or Faked?" cast members in that "College Dorm Roomie...Overgrown Adolescent" sort of way. Complete with the guy on the far left looking like "Screech" from "Saved By The Bell."

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