Saturday, June 11, 2011

SyFy Channel: The Most Amateurish Practitioner of Unconvincing "CGI Rendering" in the Entire Industry

The top CGI artists working in the industry today could have made this grizzly bear / shark / octopus hybrid
more convincing. Unfortunately, the SyFy Channel can't afford to hire them and their talent.

Yes, the actor here really isn't being harmed as the image looks exactly as it appears. The fake looking CGI spider was chroma-keyed in later.

I'll give the SyFy Channel the benefit of the doubt here and assume that this is a full scale mock-up head for the brief publicity photo shown. The rest of the movie however isn't so lucky.

This must be the frowning pet of ever frowning Edward James Olmos. "Frankenfish" in all its glory. A maquette turned over to the SyFy Channel's crackerjack team of CGI artists before they rendered it in their patented, unconvincing style.

You're sitting at home late on a Saturday night in a drunken stupor half dazed on your couch. Somehow your remote control got you over to the SyFy Channel while one of its low budget monster movies is being broadcast. You look at the television screen with your eyelids at half mast, and still can't believe what you are seeing even in your inebriated state. Something is very wrong with the movie you are watching. The most unconvincing looking monsters you have ever seen in a horror movie. The worst example of "CGI Rendering" for monsters you have ever seen!!

You then make a note in your weekly planner (notepad)...(despite being in a drunken stupor) cancel your monthly subscription to the SyFy Channel first thing Monday morning.

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