Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Typical and Usual Chronology of The Boring And Mundane Partnership Between "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore

1. A new project is announced on the Internet (where else?) involving "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore.

2. Regardless of what the project is, "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore are never the creators of the premise or peripheral subject matter of the project. Yet the two of them still try to assume "Creation Credit" for the project.

3. "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore are always the only two entities ever excited about their upcoming project. Everyone else in the world rightfully assumes the "Meh...Seen that sort of thing millions of times before always done by much more talented people than 'Camp SyFy' and Ronald D. Moore"....attitude towards the project.

4. The promotional build-up then begins on the Internet (where else?) with highly suspiciously written press releases drastically over-praising both "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore with stunning over estimations of both of their abilities in producing and writing.

5. The premiere date arrives.

6. Dead silence for maybe 48 hours from both "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore.

7. Press releases then begin trickling in all over the Internet (where else?) with stunningly inflated ratings claims for the pilot episode. The true underwhelming ratings performance of the pilot episode always hidden and denied by both "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore.

8. "Camp SyFy" then usually makes the statement...."We're with this series for the long haul." Plugging in our "SyFy Channel Translator" this usually means..."The series is a flop but we're sticking with it anyway because we love Ronald D. Moore."

9. This new series gradually begins occupying less and less space on the http://www.syfy.com website as the ratings begin dropping more and more with each new broadcast. Until eventually it is nothing but a thumbnail sized picture in the lower left hand corner of the http://www.syfy.com main web page.

10. The series is then prematurely cancelled quietly by "Camp SyFy" due to low ratings.

Every time "Camp SyFy" and Ronald D. Moore begin a new project this process repeats itself. 


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