Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stealth Marketing Has Finally Become The Ultimate Manifestation of "Narcissism" For The SyFy Channel in The Midst of Their Routine Failures

You have to hand it to the SyFy Channel. This channel never stops loving itself or adoring itself in the mirror no matter how much it routinely "flops" in the area of Science Fiction / Fantasy programming. The more it flops, the more it pours on the "self love" in the form of endless manifestations of stealth marketing always designed to wax over their less than stellar ratings with Ronald D. Moore and everybody else.

For example, how does the SyFy Channel lately deal with the "soft" ratings of one of its latest productions, "Helix?" It books a DVD release of the first season of "Helix" well in advance long before the first season ever airs. While at the same time routinely in denial over the "soft" (low) ratings of "Helix." In the midst of these "soft" ratings, the SyFy Channel "makes love to itself" with "fake" stealth marketed press releases such as these always unconvincingly claiming the contrary...

While routinely being "bombarded" with the "wishful thinking / fantasy land" of the SyFy Channel, it's always important to keep yourself anchored in reality. The reality we all inhabit where the SyFy Channel actually performs as a business...

Reality will never penetrate the "wishful thinking / fantasy land" bubble of the SyFy Channel. But, this channel will always engage in the "self adulation in the mirror" (self love) it is notorious for, no matter how much it routinely fails...


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