Saturday, January 4, 2014

Someone Explain to Me The Logic Behind Keeping an Unedited Movie Under Lock & Key For 36 Years

As originally shot, "Saga of a Star World" had actor Jim Peck either doing solo duty in reporting on the armistice signing as flames moved towards him, or he was teaming with Jane Seymour in reporting on the armistice.

Apollo, Serina, and Jolly meeting the Ovion Queen was longer as originally shot.

Starbuck and Athena exchanging tense words shortly after his Viper crash lands? Immediately before their argument in the hallway?

The "Carillon Casino" sequence was a lot longer before ABC-TV and Glen A. Larson took scissors to it in the editing room.

Obviously the interior of the "Gemini Freighter" as Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer monitor the condition of the survivors. An additional conversation going on here left on the cutting room floor?

A mere publicity photo? Or is it Adama and Athena watching the last moments of Zac's life as his Viper limps back to the fleet? Or are they watching the Colonies being decimated?

There were two versions of the "escape from Carillon" shot. One with the warriors in battle dress (shown here) as originally shot by Richard A. Colla...and the version we only ever saw...the reshoot by Alan J. Levi of the warriors in dress uniform.

Cassie's arm getting healed. Was this sequence longer with a longer conversation going on here between Cassie and the Doc?

OK. It's been 36 years since the pilot episode of "Battlestar Galactica" was shot. In March and April of 1978 when this pilot episode was shot, a version emerged that no one ever saw. The unedited cut by original director Richard A. Colla. It was no longer unedited after ABC-TV and Glen A. Larson got their hands on it. Crucial scenes, more violent scenes, and any scenes that made this movie that much better than what originally emerged on September 17th, 1978 were all cut. This movie was a complete and unedited fluid flow of a film before the individuals I just mentioned turned it into a sloppy mess primarily in the middle section of the film.

Now, it has already been proven to Universal Studios that they can't kill this series or its memory. They primarily learned this the hard way a decade ago. They couldn't kill it with Ronald D. Moore's garbage, and they concurrently couldn't kill it by trying to brainwash the public on the old board. Isn't it time for them to begin working with this series instead?

If Universal Studios even bothered to exercise the foresight to keep the unedited version of this movie in proper storage care for the past 36 years, it's time to release it to the public via a "Director's Cut." With commentaries from both Richard A. Colla and Alan J. Levi. Let the public purchase this movie and decide for themselves if it's good or not in its unedited form. This is how it's supposed to be anyway.

Supposedly, the "Complete Epic Series" is due next month on one sided discs and I would assume proper manufacturing to prevent freezing and cracked discs as was the case with the epic disaster of the DVD set released in 2003. There is no reason why the unedited "Saga of a Star World" couldn't be released with the DVD set supposedly due next month, or by itself.

Universal Studios paid millions to make this unedited movie and they were reimbursed by ABC-TV. They might as well release it to the public as it should have been released to the public ages ago. If there are ages old legalities preventing its release in unedited form (if the unedited film even exists 36 years later), Universal needs to unravel them all to get it released.

The hysteria of George Lucas and the "Star Wars" lawsuit is long gone. Lucas is retired. He made his gazillion dollars. He's retired and happily remarried. I doubt if he or Disney even give "Battlestar Galactica" a thought. After Universal Studios spent 36 years utterly decimating the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series with every known and conceivable manifestation of crappy management, Lucas and Disney have nothing to worry about in terms of serious competition from Universal Studios with this series at this point in time.

They might as well release this movie unedited if it wasn't incinerated by them (Universal Studios) ages ago.


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