Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Mean, The SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore Didn't Try to Jump On The "Murder She Wrote" Remake??

This sort of stuff is right up the alley of the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore!!

1. It isn't Science Fiction, so it would be right at home on the SyFy Channel!!

2. With "Murder" in the title, this series would have endless opportunities for blood and guts!! Just the sort of nonsense the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore have always loved!!

3. Ronald D. Moore's love of "Rape" and other acts of thoroughly unnecessary violence within the boundaries of practically everything he writes or is associated with (in television) would fit in perfectly with a "Murder She Wrote" remake with a...."Modern Twist!!" As far as the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore are concerned...badly written scripts with random acts of thoroughly unnecessary violence (disjointed segueing) that do absolutely nothing to advance the plot are..."dark, edgy, hip, modern, now, with it" (and in the case of "Murder She Wrote" would be)..."not your daddy's 'Murder She Wrote!!'"

4 The SyFy Channel is the "House of Flops" when it comes to remakes. "Battlestar Galactica", "Flash Gordon", etc. With Ronald D. Moore at the helm of a "Murder She Wrote" remake, he could pilot "Murder She Wrote" right to the depths of typical "Remake Floptitude" at the SyFy Channel!! And the SyFy Channel would be in familiar, comfortable territory with yet another "Remake Flop" from Ronald D. Moore!!

5. I see it plain as day!! A "Murder She Wrote" remake on the SyFy Channel would complete the "perfect sphere" of the SyFy Channel being a cable network about nothing in particular!! No on-air identity!! A channel about nothing specific!! "WWF Wrestling"..."Sharknado"...."Haunted Highway"..."Murder She Wrote!!"

The SyFy Channel's endless failed attempts at a "Smorgasbord Demographic Grab" must look like a "300 Mile Long, Zig-Zag Shaped Fishing Pole!!"


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