Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's Awfully Quiet in "The SyFy Channel Camp" The Day After The Pilot Episode of "Helix" Aired!!

No overnight ratings for "Helix?" Gee, every other show imaginable has overnight ratings as this article demonstrates!!

I'll give the SyFy Channel the benefit of the doubt here and fabricate the sort of excuse they would fabricate in a situation such as this...

SyFy Channel: "Well, cable ratings are entirely different from broadcast ratings therefore cable ratings don't come out at the same time as broadcast ratings. Even though there is a such thing as "overnight ratings" it just doesn't apply to us at the SyFy Channel or any other cable network."

Not even a "day after congratulatory self pat on the back" from the SyFy Channel to the SyFy Channel for stratospheric ratings "Helix" never actually achieved?

Maybe the SyFy Channel will blow its wad all over this show the day after tomorrow on Monday?


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