Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Ratings For "Helix" Are Lower Than Expected, "Helix" Has Had No Impact Whatsoever on Pop Culture, It Has Settled into Being Just Another SyFy Channel Borefest...


....And its Barely Aired First Season is Being Rushed to DVD release (The Sure Sign of a Flop)...

This can only mean one thing!!

Talks of a "Helix" sequel series must be feverishly underway!!...

Yes, meet the "Gipyuck Family" in the exciting new sequel series to "Helix"....


In the exciting "End of Season One...Episode 3" cliffhanger of "Helix"...a deadly strain of slime inducing bacteria is smuggled out of the "John Carpenter Research Lab" in "Helix", and modified by the United States Military into an all American monster suburban family. This is the premise of "Meet The Gipyucks."

Meet the dad...."Stanley Gipyuck"....All American "Yellow Stripe Line Painter" on all of the highways across America.

Meet the daughter...."Suzy Gipyuck"....All American "Cyclops Teenage Girl." Voted most likely to stare down and eat a frisky boyfriend in high school


Meet the Mom...."Mildred Gipyuck".....Fire breathing happy homemaker mom (with apron) of the "Gipyuck Family." Gas stoves and microwave ovens are not necessary with her around!!


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