Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sometimes a Bad Channel Doesn't Know When to Stay Down When it's Bad and Simply Close Up Shop

Additionally, when any cable channel reaches the sorry point (for example) of refusing to promote a new show unless Ronald D. Moore's name is attached to it, no matter how little Ronald D. Moore actually had to do with the show ("Helix"), and no matter how little star power Ronald D. Moore actually has within all circles, it's best for that cable channel (SyFy) to simply close up shop.

Ronald D. Moore's name was all over "Helix" in the Internet promotions. For whatever reasons that could never be fathomed by anyone with a brain in their skull, SyFy Channel has always considered Moore's name as a surefire bet for bringing in viewers by the shitload, despite no physical evidence whatsoever in the ratings to ever prove this. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only), "Caprica", and "Blood & Chrome" proved this sad fact.

Additionally, aside from not being the creator of "Helix", aside from being listed on as the executive producer of only one episode of "Helix" and aside from being listed as the writer of only three episodes of "Helix" (if anymore are produced) on, Ronald D. Moore has also proven to not be the "Marquee Name" for pulling in viewers to watch "Helix" that the SyFy Channel had hoped for.

Helix's ratings are soft, period. Which is the politically correct way of saying that "Helix's ratings are low.

Update: Oh, how "ever so convenient!!" Moore's page has been quickly updated to list him as the executive producer of all "Helix" episodes, from the previous "just 1 episode" for the series. That's what I like!! Moore's publicity machine quickly letting everyone know that he is more intimately involved with the latest flop on the SyFy Channel!! Or maybe this is just as a symbolic credit like..."Executive Consultant?"

You see, whenever this corporation (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) releases any sort of information on the Internet, you never know if they are telling the truth or not!! Just look at their latest, fake "Helix" press releases..."Ratings through the stratosphere!!"

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