Friday, January 24, 2014

A SyFy Channel For Kids? Wasn't a SyFy Channel For Uninterested Adults More Than Enough?

Any cable channel aimed at kids that has (as its logo) a little cartoon character leaving behind a messy trail of blood as it moves should be the first "Red Flag" for parents.
This is like the frightening thought of Charles Manson reading bedtime stories to children.

Not being successful in anything having to do with Science Fiction / Fantasy has never stopped this channel from trying to breed. The abbreviation for "Syphilis" (SyFy) has also tried to branch off into video games and other multi-media platforms with dubious outcomes due to the SyFy Channel never telling the truth in their press releases in terms of reporting how they are actually doing in their various extracurricular endeavors.

Additionally, any channel that has a long sordid history of alienating every fan base in existence due to its unrelenting hostility towards every Science Fiction property there is (Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Farscape, Stargate) wouldn't be my first choice in targeting a new cable channel for children. These people never could play nice with adults, so how the hell are they going to play nice with children? The blood trail in the logo above just answered my question...

Keep these people away from children!!

I can just imagine with horror what the mindset of these people would be if they were trying to program for kids...

1. The Walking Dead - "Sesame Street"
2. The Walking Dead - "Romper Room"
3. The Walking Dead - "New Zoo Revue"
4. The Walking Dead - "Zoom"
5. The Walking Dead - "The Electric Company"
6. The Walking Dead - "Dusty's Treehouse"
7. The Walking Dead - "B.J.'s Gigglesnort Hotel"
8. The Walking Dead - "Micronauts"
9. The Walking Dead - "The Flintstones"
10. The Walking Dead - "Yogi Bear & Boo-Boo"

So sorry. This channel has been in existence for a year? Has it contributed to juvenile delinquency overseas yet?


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