Monday, January 13, 2014

The "Cricket Chirping Quiet" That Has Followed The Premiere of "Helix" Leads Me to Believe That Expectations Were Not Met With This Series

Yes, the Internet is filled with "pre-Helix Premiere Praise" in questionable reviews. The usual stealth marketed paid for nonsense we have come to expect from the "SyFy Channel / Ronald D. Moore Partnership."

But, after the premiere of "Helix" on Friday night things have gone eerily silent at "Camp SyFy." No post-premiere boasting about ratings, no self congratulatory pats on the back from anyone at "Camp SyFy", not even the usual fibbing (we have come to expect from "Camp SyFy") via inflated ratings claims.

I suspect "Helix" crashed and burned in the ratings this past Friday night, and sudden scrambling is going on at "Camp SyFy" in order to try and deal with their latest flop. No foreign territory to "Camp SyFy" by any means!!

Has "Helix" been deflated in status to "WWF Wrestling" and "Sharknado" territory?


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