Thursday, January 16, 2014

As is The Case With Every Previous Production The SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore Have Been Involved in, "Helix" is Safely Insulated From Real World Criticism

There are always two worlds co-existing with one another every time the names "SyFy Channel" and "Ronald D. Moore" are stamped on a project at the same time. The real world where anything these two entities do together isn't noticed and doesn't make a "bang" of any sort because the productions are never good enough to get noticed by the masses, and the Internet world where the "SyFy Channel" and "Ronald D. Moore" consider themselves gods among all bulletin board posters and "tweeters." Where every favorable review for their productions are bought and paid for (before ever being posted online) by the "Abraham & Harrison" slush fund, and honesty in the reviews of their productions are nowhere to be found on the Internet.

Think of the computer world in "Tron." This is where every production the "SyFy Channel" and "Ronald D. Moore" are involved in safely exists, free from honest criticism. In the real world, every production these two entities are involved in become instantly vaporized due to impartial scrutiny and criticisms begging to be made. In the real world, these are the facts regarding "Helix"....

1. Ronald D. Moore didn't create "Helix", Cameron Porsandeh did. Yet Cameron Porsandeh's name is nowhere to be found in the Internet promotions for "Helix."

2. Unless his "IMDB" page has changed fairly recently, Ronald D. Moore is listed as the executive producer of only one episode of "Helix." He is then listed as the author of a few more episodes. In other words, after stripping away all of the "hoopla" surrounding all of Ronald D. Moore's supposed contributions to "Helix", he is just a staff writer on this show.

3. The entire premise of "John Carpenter's 'The Thing'" movie from 1982 has been lifted and is being used in "Helix." The coincidences are just too numerous to pass this off as "accidental parallel development."

a. The arctic - Why couldn't the research lab in "Helix" have been set in the jungle, or underneath "Union Station" in New York? Cameron Porsandeh clearly had "John Carpenter's 'The Thing'" movie from 1982 on his mind when conceiving this series. I'm sure also that the phrase "a television version of 'John Carpenter's Thing' movie" crossed his mind when he was solidifying the premise of this series in his head. The arctic, blood, isolation. Irresistible!!

b.Those makeup and puppet effects in John Carpenter's movie I would imagine would just be too irresistible for any present day television creator / producer with no imagination and with a hunger for trying to take credit for creating something created by someone else in the past to pass up and not try to incorporate into a television series.

c. It's cold in the arctic in John Carpenter's "Thing" movie and it's cold in the arctic in "Helix." Both productions have an antagonist attacking people in a chilly climate and leaving behind slimy, bloody, gooey, syrupy, and mutated residue.

4. The ratings for the premiere episode of "Helix" were soft and did not shatter any ratings or demographic records. They were fairly marginal at best.

5. I believe the SyFy Channel and present day television creators / producers operate under the premise that if a movie or television production is in the neighborhood of being 30 years old or older, they heavily mine it for creative ideas believing that the original production is long forgotten in this fast paced digital age of ours, and thus will try to take credit for the ideas in the original production. The present day entertainment industry is creatively bankrupt and suffering from being run by a current generation of television programmers and producers with absolutely no imagination and original thinking whatsoever. It has never been this bad in the entertainment industry.

6. The current generation of television programmers and producers don't even try to be original in their thinking. All they do is just regurgitate what they watched in their youth on television and in the movies during the past 30 - 35 years, and then try to pass it off as their own ideas. What astonishes me is the multitude of lawsuits that apparently haven't transpired or haven't been publicly announced by the media. This leads me to believe that perhaps "Copyright Protections" expire on works from the distant past, and perhaps these are the properties the current generation of television programmers and producers seek out for mining.


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