Thursday, August 11, 2016

13 Episodes of Gale Anne Hurd, And Then The SyFy Channel Just Let Her Go

Gale Anne Hurd has been one of the most influential forces in Science Fiction and Horror going back 36 years. Partially responsible for many of James Cameron's fantasy projects and many of her own (including SyFy's.."Hunters"...) along with..."Walking Dead"... you don't just let her go because..."Hunters"...didn't make it to a second season regardless of what the reasons may have been. (I suspect SyFy just wanted more..."Sharknado" its place.)

You try and keep her in house to make other projects for you. But this isn't the way the SyFy Channel thinks. If it does stumble across Science Fiction and a class act like Gale Anne Hurd, the SyFy Channel just doesn't know what to do with her beyond the horizon because it doesn't know what it has when it is fortunate enough to have her. SyFy Channel being a subsidiary of a parent corporation that values..."Maury Povich Trash"....and..."Sharknado Trash"...above all else. And being unaware of the value of everything else beyond its limited corporate sphere of knowledge...beyond..."Sharknado"....

Yes, SyFy....just let Gale Anne Hurd go!! It won't be the first time (or the last) that you screw up this monumentally!!

Just keep making..."Whoopee!!"....with..."The Asylum"....instead!! It's all you know intellectually!!

The SyFy Channel has just never worked as a cable channel because it has never been able to go in two opposite directions at the same time. If your heart is really planted in habitual corporate trash like..."Maury Povich"...and..."Sharknado" aren't even going to be able to come across convincingly as a..."Mock Science Fiction Cable Channel"....going in the opposite direction of..."Maury Povich"....


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