Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Van Helsing Trailer Is Basically 'The Walking Dead' With Vampires"

You mean, ripping off..."The Walking Dead"...once already with..."Z Nation"...wasn't enough for the SyFy Channel?

Not only that, the SyFy Channel has swiped the entire plot of the pilot episode script of..."The Walking Dead"....for..."Van Helsing"....

Poor slob wakes up from a coma and encounters a world overtaken with zombies / vampires...

I think this is a combination of the SyFy Channel never expecting its new television series to last very long...the SyFy Channel's naivete in thinking television viewers won't notice the similarities...and the SyFy Channel not caring one iota as it fast tracks these highly derivative ideas in its frequent and dreaded..."Programming Department Meetings"....

Has..."Wynonna Earp"...been cancelled yet by the way?


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