Sunday, August 21, 2016

The SyFy Channel's Repetitive Losing Formula In Television Programming Has Been So Chronically Unsuccessful For Them It Has Even Kept Them From Being a Legitimate "In Focus" Science Fiction Channel Since 1999

Ask anyone what the on-air identity of the SyFy Channel has been since 2009 when it became..."SyFy"...and sooner when it still called itself..."Sci-Fi"....from 1999 to 2008 under the catastrophic mismanagement of..."GE / Vivendi / NBC / Comcast - Universal"...and the answers you would get would be all over the map.

Being a..."Science Fiction Channel"...would not be one of the answers you would get.

Instead, this...."hopelessly pathetic and chronically lost cause of a cable channel"....has been a creepy, weird, and outright disturbing grab bag of wildly clashing, unrelated, and bad programming ideas rooted in a..."Maury Povich-esque Sensationalistic and Trashy Lowest Common Denominator Mentality"....geared towards the..."Brain Dead Redneck Hillbilly Donald Trump"....demographic. Comcast-Universal's specialty.

We see the same losing formula and plot in every SyFy Channel movie and 13 episode television series as a result....

"Post - apocalyptic monsters and natural disasters threaten a small cast of instantly forgettable B-movie actors and former television stars toting every day firearms with low budget special effects and this curious and always present orange tint in all of the film stock the SyFy Channel uses in all of its low budget productions."

From 1999 to 2016, this losing formula has gotten the SyFy Channel absolutely nowhere in experiencing growth as a business. It is only through stubbornness and refusing to admit its own faults that the corporate owner of the SyFy Channel (Comcast - Universal) has refused to sell the SyFy Channel to another entity (who could manage it much, much better into lucrative success) that it still owns after 17 consecutive years of mismanaging this former Science Fiction channel into financial and artistic ruin.

What do we have here? The exact same plot endlessly regurgitated by Comcast-Universal for every single SyFy Channel movie and television show going back 7 years and 10 years before that when it was still called..."Sci-Fi"......

As a matter of fact..."Aftermath" every single bad SyFy Channel plot going back 17 years crammed into one movie.

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