Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Inside SyFy's Booming B-Movie Factory?" Right. How About..."Inside SyFy Channel's Low Budget & Low Rated Movies Instantly Forgotten On Twitter?"

This channel has been an absolute disaster when it comes to its originally produced movies. As well as being an absolute disaster in every other aspect of the business they are supposed to be in...

1. Discernible channel format (It has never had one)
2. Consistency in programming policies (It has never had consistency)
3. Imagination (It has never had imagination)
4. Inspired thinking (It has never had inspired thinking)

We now get a look behind the scenes in how these horrible, low budget movies get made at the SyFy Channel. Summed up in a brief overview...

"The titles are thought up first, the movies are then conformed to the titles."

Could this be one of the reasons why these horrid, low budget horror movies of the SyFy Channel remain instantly forgotten, low rated, and greatly exaggerated buzzes on..."Twitter?"....

I have an idea for an original article all my own...

"Inside The Hiring Process of SyFy Channel Executives. Nepotism Rules The Process"


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