Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's Always Fun To Look Back On The Ceaseless Troubled History Of The SyFy Channel And Remember What Never Worked For Them

Well...this name change never worked for this badly managed cable channel. If anything, it only intensified the..." ambiguity in on-air identity"...of this cable channel. It only intensified the cable channel's aversion towards Science Fiction television programming 100%. It officially..."Stamped"....this troubled cable channel's troubled spiral downward into generic / non-Science Fiction television programming. And generic programming badly produced, badly written, and under funded at that.

When this troubled cable channel then tried to do a course correction two years ago of intensifying Science Fiction centered television programming, viewers who even bothered noticing this channel anymore still noticed that two daunting problems remained:

1. The same people were still owning and mismanaging this troubled cable channel. The same people who caused this channel's daunting problems in the first place. The same corporation (Vivendi / NBC / Comcast - Universal) that ran this channel into the ground in the first place...was still owning and mismanaging it.

2. These same people who had absolutely no talent, imagination, or inspired thinking in the first place to do a..."Science Fiction Based Course Correction"...went ahead and did so with typically meandering results (mostly bad) all over the map.

SyFy Channel programming is not fondly remembered decades later, years later, months later, days later, or even hours later. The channel's..."Maury Povish-esque"...."Hillbilly Twang-esque"...."Fast Food Style of Trash Television"....mentality has been a waste of perfectly good airwave space ever since..."Vivendi / NBC /Comcast - Universal"...hijacked this cable channel (Sci-Fi) back in 1999.


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